Health Benefits Of Infrared Sauna

Saunas have many health benefits related to the immune system, the circulatory system or skin diseases.

Therasage: positive effects of the sauna

Cardiovascular system improvement

A sauna session is pure training for your cardiovascular system. The high temperature in the sweat room allows your heart to pump up to three times more blood through your veins than in the usual environment. The heart tries to lower your body temperature and this exertion can put more strain on it over time.

Exudation of waste materials

When you sweat, the body expels various toxins that have accumulated in the tissues. The heat causes your blood vessels to dilate and mucous membranes to be able to rid themselves of secretions and waste more easily. This natural cleansing process is intensified in the therasage and is definitely desirable. However, always pay attention to the right temperature and type of sauna for you.


A blessing for your skin

Since the pores open when you take a sauna, a visit to the sweat room is ideal for improving the general appearance of your skin. In particular, the sauna helps people who suffer from skin diseases.

Strengthening of the immune system

The rapid temperature changes between different sauna sessions not only stimulate increased activity of the circulatory system, but also strengthen your body’s natural defenses. The immune system produces antibodies over time that protect you from disease and infection. In addition, you remain more stable and vital in the face of increasing weather fluctuations and fall ill less often.

Lowering blood pressure

The vasodilating effect of a sauna session is also useful for lowering blood pressure. When the temperature is high, the heart pumps much faster and stronger. After cooling down, the vessels contract and become increasingly flexible after regular sauna visits. Patients with high blood pressure should still consult their family doctor or cardiologist beforehand.

Beneficial effect on the respiratory system

The heat in the sauna and steam bath makes breathing easier and, above all, deeper. Regular sauna-goers often report feeling lighter when breathing. The mucous membranes also react positively to the heat. Increased blood flow to the lungs can prevent respiratory diseases or mitigate their effects in advance.

Purification and a lighter body feeling

Visits to the sauna ensure that you feel lighter and fitter in the long term. The reason for this is a boosted metabolism, which runs at full speed due to the interplay of hot and cold temperatures. The relaxation resulting from the sauna improves the quality of your sleep and indirectly ensures greater success in losing weight.