Supplements: Slim Down for Health

Losing a lot of weight quickly and effortlessly is what many diets promise. Tips and wisdom are omnipresent, but what is really true of the good advice?

Losing weight: Misconceptions and truths

You lose weight faster without breakfast

The truth is that skipping a meal saves you calories. However, the danger here is that after a few hours you will be gripped by cravings. You might give in to the enticement of unhealthy foods. The reason for the sudden growl in the stomach is that the carbohydrate stores in the body are emptied overnight and the blood sugar level drops as a result. Then, the body demands replenishment and we get an appetite.

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“Dinner-cancelling” makes you slim

Again, skipping a meal can help save calories if the calories aren’t consumed at a different time. Going to bed without supper requires discipline, but can be quite effective. Not eating prolongs the nocturnal fasting and the body has to fall back on its energy stores in the fat reserves. So “dinner-cancelling” two to three times a week can be an effective method to compensate for small sins and to keep the weight off. The protetox is ideal if you don’t want to eat your dinner meal. Read the reviews and see how you can lose weight and stay healthy.

Stomach growling is a sign of successful weight loss

“If your stomach is growling, you’re losing weight, because that’s a sign that fat burning is starting.” Unfortunately, that’s just a myth. A growling stomach is not a sign of weight loss and does not always indicate hunger.

Like the intestines, the stomach is constantly in motion in order to mix its contents well and facilitate digestion. An empty stomach mainly contains gastric acid and water. When the liquid mixes with swallowed air, the growling sound occurs.

You gain weight faster than you lose weight

Many people know this. Excess pounds accumulate quickly, but it is very difficult to get rid of them. In fact, the body is designed to adapt flexibly while always making provisions for bad times.

If you eat more than the body needs, it builds up reserves and small fat pads develop. However, if you eat too little to cover your needs, the body reduces its needs and lives on the back burner. If he then gets more calories again, he uses the opportunity to top up his reserves and you gain weight all the faster.

Many experts therefore recommend making a long-term change in diet to lose weight, with a focus on healthy and balanced nutrition. In conjunction with sufficient exercise, metabolism and energy consumption are boosted.