When Is Home Care Massage Useful?

A massage can bring about a significant improvement in well-being for many everyday problems and can be very useful. These include back pain, tension, professional and emotional stress, headaches, migraines, numbness, and muscle shortening.

It is particularly important that the massage therapist responds individually to the customer’s needs. Not every type of massage makes sense for every customer and is beneficial to their health. What is good about a business trip home care (출장홈케어) in Korea is that there are different types where anyone can choose what’s best for them. Business trips can be tiring but with home care and massage, you can relax and enjoy your trip.

A massage can also be useful as a supplement to a medical application, such as rehabilitation after an injury. However, it is absolutely necessary to follow the advice and recommendations of the attending physicians and physiotherapists.

business trip home care

Business trip home care and massage for shoulder pain

Regular, targeted massage of the shoulder areas can reduce shoulder pain. However, it must always be considered where exactly the shoulder pain comes from and whether the massage therapist has well-founded massage training. Shoulder pain can be caused by tension in the muscles or by inflammation of the tendons. A tendon that has been inflamed and overstressed over a long period of time can even lead to calcium deposits. These calcium deposits form when the cells of the tendons are converted into fibrous cartilage due to a lack of blood flow and the associated lack of oxygen. Fibrous cartilage can later leave calcium deposits, which in turn then fuse to form so-called calcium deposits.

Massage for tendinitis

The most common types of tendonitis include tendonitis, patellar tendinitis, heel spurs, biceps tendonitis, and what is known as “tennis elbow”. With this, the affected joint should ideally be immobilized, cooled, and relieved. Therefore, no massage should be carried out in the acute state, so as not to additionally irritate the tendon.

However, special stretching exercises or manual therapy are permitted provided they are carried out by medical professionals or masseurs with medical massage training.

Massage for osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is joint wear and tear, which is divided into four different stages depending on the extent. Depending on the level of the stage, you will experience joint pain and restricted mobility. Therefore, this should be taken into account during a massage. Therefore, a massage is generally recommended for arthrosis.