Equality in Healthcare and Wellness

Having able to live completely requires having good physical, mental, and emotional health. The Autism Association campaigns for tailored and fair health coverage for the autism population at the municipal, state, and national levels.

Improving Your Health

Choose a primary-care physician having experience dealing with autistic patients who you like and trust. Arrange yearly maintenance appointments. Find out more about the advantages of your coverage and what your plan does and does not cover. To find out about the procedures, entitlements, programs, and supports for disabled individuals in your state, get in touch with a regional member of the Autism Society in your region or call our National Hotline.

Useful Hints for Maintaining Health

  • Make wholesome dietary choices. Include light exercise in your routines.
  • Create a good sleeping routine and plan naps as necessary.
  • Autism sufferers should act as their own advocates and talk to their loved ones or doctors about how they’re feeling.

Nursing Transitions

It’s a tremendous shift to go from being an adolescent to a grownup. There are additional significant aspects at play, particularly when it pertains to health and medical care. It is a significant change to go from a pediatric to a physician who only treats adult patients.