Educating Parents on Autism

ASD (autism spectrum disorder) is a developmental disability due to brain disparities. ASD patients commonly struggle with social interaction and communication as well as constrained or repetitive behaviors or desires. People with ASD also may learn, move, or pay attention in various ways.



Autism Is Not Just a Behavioral Disorder

Many family are informed that autism is a behaviour disorder that is characterized by behavioural problems. Since children with autism can exhibit behavior patterns that may be perplexing, concerning, and even disruptive, the underlying cause is a neurodevelopmental difference.


Autism Understanding

When the difficulties of autism are recognized and adequately addressed, and also the autistic person is acknowledged for whom they are, they have the same potential as a neurotypical person. Too many professionals regard autism as something that must be managed and contained. Autism is viewed as a neurodiversity that must be understood.

Once understood, a person’s full potential can be realized. There are certain aspects of autism that are both disabling and difficult.


Myths and Facts About Autism

Some argue that children with autistic spectrum disorders cannot love as warmly and intimately as others. Learn more about this and other myths about autism in Autism Myths and Facts.