Dental Health Equals Healthy Body

Dental health and overall health are achieved when the bacteria in the oral cavity are kept in check.

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Pests in the mouth mean a sick body. There are more bacteria in your mouth than people on earth. Several billion of these microorganisms romp around on teeth, gums, palate, tongue and saliva and form your oral flora. Most are harmless and even help with digestion. They protect against infections and keep pathogens in check. But if this relationship gets out of balance, it affects your entire well-being. Germ control is the keyword for dental health.

Wrong or unbalanced diet, insufficient dental care, smoking and medication strengthen pathogenic bacteria. Viruses or fungi on dentures can also have a major impact on oral and dental health. They weaken the immune system and get into your bloodstream.

Tooth decay and bacteria in the bloodstream

Whether genetically determined, favoured by a sugary diet or improper tooth cleaning, the so-called tooth decay is contagious. Certain bacteria settle on the tooth surface and metabolize components from the food. The product is acid, which attacks the enamel and thus contributes to tooth decay.

A broken tooth constantly releases toxins into the circulatory system, so the immune system has to work constantly. In the long run, this weakens the general immune system. Large accumulations of bacteria can occur in the area of ​​the tooth roots. These are washed into the bloodstream and, in the worst case, can also cause heart attacks.

Dental health: Periodontitis

Periodontitis is insidious and initially painless. It is a bacterial infection that, if left untreated, causes the irreversible destruction of parts of the tooth-supporting structure, such as connective tissue and bone. The accumulation of bacterial plaque on the tooth surfaces leads to inflammation of the gums. As an endogenous reaction, the gums recede and pockets form between the tooth and the surrounding tissue. The bacteria collect there, attack the skeleton, leading to the breakdown of the bone and the loosening of the teeth. If this process is not stopped early, the loosening can continue to such an extent that the teeth fall out.

Careful tooth cleaning is the safest measure for dental health

Everyone should be aware of the importance of dental health through germ control in the oral cavity. Just brushing your teeth is not enough. Regular visits to the dentist every six months, proper care of the teeth and, above all, proper cleaning of the interdental spaces are essential prerequisites for healthy oral hygiene.