Why Autism and Obesity Tend to Go Hand in Hand

Inasmuch as almost half of 10 to 17 yr-old autistic American children are overweight or obese, it’s expected they will enter adulthood as obese individuals. A study indicates that those with the most severe case of autism seem to have the greater risk of becoming an obese adult.

According to Carol Curtin, Co-Director of the University of Massachusetts’ Healthy Weight Research Network min Worcester, the new insight recognizes that those diagnosed with severe autism have increased risks of becoming obese. It gives them a lead on what to delve into as a way to help kids and their families cope with autism and obesity problem.

Tanja Kral, a University of Pennsylvania associate professor of nursing said that rapid weight gain is oen of the factors that link obesity to autism. Professor Kral, who was involved in the second study said that among the children with autism, those who experienced rapid weight gain in infancy, have 3.5 times more chances of growing up as an overweight or obese child.

One of the risk factors considered are the medications prescribed to children with severe autism. However, medication does not track on as significantly, as maternal obesity, another factor identified as a cause of rapid weight gain among children.

The second study showed that rapid weight gain originate early in life, and carries onward during infancy. It was noted that obese or overweight mothers are 2.4 times more likely to give birth to an obese child.

Women who were already overweight or obese when they became pregnant, are deemed as having 2.4 times more chances of nurturing an overweight baby, when compared to mothers who followed the weight-gain recommendations during the prenatal stage.

In the second study, the rapid weight gain trend actually appeared across all children who participated. The result was regardless of whether or not the children were diagnosed as autistic. This particular finding suggests that maternal obesity can indeed increase the risk of childhood obesity.

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