What to Look for to Identify Autism in Children?

Autism spectrum disorders can make it difficult for children to comprehend what is happening on all around them.

A memorable experience is watching your children develop. Children with autism will experience some developmental delays, even though every individual learns at their own rate. Early signs of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in newborns have been observed by some parents as early as 18 months of age, and maybe even earlier.

Early Signs of Autism in Young Children

Here are a few earliest signs of autism in youngsters, along with some reasons why it’s critical to make an early diagnosis in order to effectively manage the illness.

  • Looking away and being silent when their name is called
  • When someone smiles at them, they don’t reciprocate.
  • If they dislike a certain taste, smell, or sound, they become upset.
  • They perform repetitive movements like fluttering their fingers or persistently rocking their body.
  • They don’t communicate more than other kids do and tend to repeat themselves.
  • When objects or other items are lined up, they get agitated if the arrangement is broken.
  • They play with toys in the same manner each time.
  • Unexpected responses to an object’s noises, scents, tastes, appearance, or emotions
  • Small changes annoy them.