Health Issues with Autistic Children: The Importance of Early Intervention

Reports show that there are increased cases of ASD or autism spectrum disorder among children. It usually covers the early detection to assessment period. Thus, it is highly crucial for kids to undergo early intervention. 2 years old kids may already show ASD symptoms so diagnosis may be clear. From birth to three years, or during the preschool age, early intervention or any specialized therapy must be commenced.

The brain is comparable to the elasticity of plastic which means that as soon as the treatment starts, the prognosis for the disorder tends to be better. 

Early Intervention Programs for ASD

As early as 6 months, children must show signs of ASD in order to screen the disorder. Apparently, signs may prominently appear during 12-18 months. The following are part of the early intervention program for kids ASD:

  • Family Training
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Physical Therapy
  • Speech Therapy

Benefits of Early Intervention Program

Every program under the early intervention provides advantages to both the children and their support system. Here are the advantages that they may get:

  • improvement of the overall development of children
  • improvement of the kid’s social skills
  • improvement of self-control and coping mechanism
  • improvement of the children’s skills in language, speech, and communication
  • improvement of life independency
  • improvement of the kid’s physical aspect
  • strengthened the bond between the children and their parents
  • improvement of their quality of life

Conclusion: Treating the Disorder, Improving Quality of Life

Children suffering from ASD can also experience a better life quality to their full potential. Undergoing early intervention programs is a big help for them. Consultation with the health professionals such as the pediatrician may answer all the parents’ concerns once they arise.