Surgical Rhinoplasty Or Medical Rhinoplasty, How To Choose?

Surgical Rhinoplasty Or Medical Rhinoplasty, How To Choose?

Rhinoplasty is an operation that corrects disgraces of the nose, functional, in the event of discomfort, deviated nasal septum (this is called septoplasty), or aesthetic, bump on the nose, a nose too long. In all cases, it is an experienced surgery.

There are several possibilities for intervention: medical rhinoplasty without surgery or open/closed surgical rhinoplasty.

  • Why do a rhinoplasty of the nose?
  • When to prefer a medical rhinoplasty without surgery?
  • How is rhinoplasty done?
  • Open or closed surgical rhinoplasty, how to choose?

Why do the rhinoplasty?

The nose is an essential component of the face, and when it does not like, it can generate significant complexes. It is then possible to improve the appearance of his nose.

The intervention of rhinoplasty, whatever its form, must be flawless as the stake is important for the patient. It is for these reasons that choosing the right practitioner is essential. Using experienced surgeons in an establishment certified without reservation by the high authority of Health is a precaution and comfort for the patient. He is sure to obtain a convincing result as close as possible to his expectations.

Rhinoplasty allows for modifying the relief of the nose. The patient’s motivations are essential to understand in order to be able to propose the most suitable surgical intervention style.

Decrease a bump or a point that is too wide, refine a nose, or increase it to give a better harmony to the face, each case is so specific that pre-operative consultations with a surgeon are essential.

The information transmitted must be as clear as possible before making a decision. The quality of the relationship with the practitioner who must operate is, therefore, fundamental.

The operation of the nose is performed when the patient’s bone growth is complete; that is to say, in both men and women from 17 years. The quality of the skin tissue or cartilage will also help the practitioner to offer the patient a technique adapted to the request.

Medical rhinoplasty is possible in some cases; this technique is non-invasive and can satisfy some patients.