Procedure Of A Rhinoplasty Within Our Clinic

Procedure Of A Rhinoplasty Within Our Clinic

The course of a nose surgery rhinoplasty consultation at the Aquitaine Aesthetic Clinic in Bordeaux

  • The rhinoplasty consultation with the cosmetic surgeon allows you to listen to your expectations, what you want to correct in your nose, this can be:
  •  its length
  •  its width
  •  its tip too large (which we call nose “trumpet”) or a tip too descending, or too curved upwards
  •  the presence of a bump
  •  the presence of a hollow
  •  overly flared nostrils
  •  etc.

We can consider 5 phases during the rhinoplasty consultation:

Phase 1: Listening to the patient’s expectations

All the precise details of your wishes are listened to, listed, analyzed, and studied by the plastic surgeon. In function, he will give his diagnosis for a result whose respect for naturalness will be essential. The surgeon will advise you on each of the points that you want to correct and will argue each point by specifying his surgical gesture.

 Phase 2: the photoshoot

A second very important step of the rhinoplasty consultation is the photo session that the cosmetic surgeon will lead. This is an essential phase for the proper study of the nose surgery project. A photo was taken of the nose from the front, nose in the left profile, nose in right profile, taken from below the nostrils, and taken from above the nose are the five essential angles on which the basis of the work of the rhinoplasty project will be carried out.

Phase 3: post-operative and additional questions to ask the surgeon

The cosmetic surgeon will give you all the information regarding the post-operative to plan and organize, namely a 15-day social eviction with dressing and check-up appointments to follow.

Phase 4: the establishment of the estimate for rhinoplasty surgery

Depending on the diagnosis of the cosmetic surgeon, an estimate is established detailing the act (s) of nose surgery and their associated prices. The amount will include the fees of the surgeon, those of the anesthesiologist, and the operating room costs of the Aquitaine Aesthetic Clinic. It may be for corrections for therapeutic purposes that social security coverage is accepted, and a prior agreement will be issued by the doctor.

Phase 5: leaving the rhinoplasty consultation

The surgeon will entrust the key elements of the project to his assistant. The continuity of the consultation is therefore taken care of by the surgeon’s assistant, who will be the patient’s dedicated contact, of course, the surgeon remains at the disposal of the patient.