Four Useful Tips Before Having A Rhinoplasty

Four Useful Tips Before Having A Rhinoplasty

The rhinoplasty is one of the surgical procedures most practiced. Despite its popularity, it is worth considering some tips before going through this facial surgery.

  1. Mature your decision. Many people do not feel comfortable with the shape of their nose, either because they want another, or because they do not consider that it is in harmony with their face. It is necessary to be fully aware that we want to modify our nose, and this will imply a change in the way we recognize ourselves and how others see us.
  2. Talk to the surgeon with complete sincerity. One of the most delicate points of facial cosmetic surgery operations occurs when there is a great difference between the result obtained and expectations. In most cases, what happens is that the patient has not shared his true expectations with the plastic surgeon. In the absence of sincerity, the surgeon does not have the possibility of making the patient see that he must set realistic expectations for rhinoplasty.
  3. Take care of your health before and after the intervention. Before going through the operating room, you need to do several medical tests, and after the operation, you should remain at rest, avoid intense activities and try to treat your nose delicately.
  4. Be patient. After rhinoplasty, the shape of the nose changes and is visible after a few days, although the final result will be appreciated after a year.

If you are interested in undergoing a rhinoplasty or any other cosmetic surgery or plastic surgery, consult all your doubts with a plastic surgeon. Request your free appointment and without obligation to convey all your doubts and learn more about the procedure with the specialist.…

Surgical Rhinoplasty Or Medical Rhinoplasty, How To Choose?

Surgical Rhinoplasty Or Medical Rhinoplasty, How To Choose?

Rhinoplasty is an operation that corrects disgraces of the nose, functional, in the event of discomfort, deviated nasal septum (this is called septoplasty), or aesthetic, bump on the nose, a nose too long. In all cases, it is an experienced surgery.

There are several possibilities for intervention: medical rhinoplasty without surgery or open/closed surgical rhinoplasty.

  • Why do a rhinoplasty of the nose?
  • When to prefer a medical rhinoplasty without surgery?
  • How is rhinoplasty done?
  • Open or closed surgical rhinoplasty, how to choose?

Why do the rhinoplasty?

The nose is an essential component of the face, and when it does not like, it can generate significant complexes. It is then possible to improve the appearance of his nose.

The intervention of rhinoplasty, whatever its form, must be flawless as the stake is important for the patient. It is for these reasons that choosing the right practitioner is essential. Using experienced surgeons in an establishment certified without reservation by the high authority of Health is a precaution and comfort for the patient. He is sure to obtain a convincing result as close as possible to his expectations.

Rhinoplasty allows for modifying the relief of the nose. The patient’s motivations are essential to understand in order to be able to propose the most suitable surgical intervention style.

Decrease a bump or a point that is too wide, refine a nose, or increase it to give a better harmony to the face, each case is so specific that pre-operative consultations with a surgeon are essential.

The information transmitted must be as clear as possible before making a decision. The quality of the relationship with the practitioner who must operate is, therefore, fundamental.

The operation of the nose is performed when the patient’s bone growth is complete; that is to say, in both men and women from 17 years. The quality of the skin tissue or cartilage will also help the practitioner to offer the patient a technique adapted to the request.

Medical rhinoplasty is possible in some cases; this technique is non-invasive and can satisfy some patients.…

Procedure Of A Rhinoplasty Within Our Clinic

Procedure Of A Rhinoplasty Within Our Clinic

The course of a nose surgery rhinoplasty consultation at the Aquitaine Aesthetic Clinic in Bordeaux

  • The rhinoplasty consultation with the cosmetic surgeon allows you to listen to your expectations, what you want to correct in your nose, this can be:
  •  its length
  •  its width
  •  its tip too large (which we call nose “trumpet”) or a tip too descending, or too curved upwards
  •  the presence of a bump
  •  the presence of a hollow
  •  overly flared nostrils
  •  etc.

We can consider 5 phases during the rhinoplasty consultation:

Phase 1: Listening to the patient’s expectations

All the precise details of your wishes are listened to, listed, analyzed, and studied by the plastic surgeon. In function, he will give his diagnosis for a result whose respect for naturalness will be essential. The surgeon will advise you on each of the points that you want to correct and will argue each point by specifying his surgical gesture.

 Phase 2: the photoshoot

A second very important step of the rhinoplasty consultation is the photo session that the cosmetic surgeon will lead. This is an essential phase for the proper study of the nose surgery project. A photo was taken of the nose from the front, nose in the left profile, nose in right profile, taken from below the nostrils, and taken from above the nose are the five essential angles on which the basis of the work of the rhinoplasty project will be carried out.

Phase 3: post-operative and additional questions to ask the surgeon

The cosmetic surgeon will give you all the information regarding the post-operative to plan and organize, namely a 15-day social eviction with dressing and check-up appointments to follow.

Phase 4: the establishment of the estimate for rhinoplasty surgery

Depending on the diagnosis of the cosmetic surgeon, an estimate is established detailing the act (s) of nose surgery and their associated prices. The amount will include the fees of the surgeon, those of the anesthesiologist, and the operating room costs of the Aquitaine Aesthetic Clinic. It may be for corrections for therapeutic purposes that social security coverage is accepted, and a prior agreement will be issued by the doctor.

Phase 5: leaving the rhinoplasty consultation

The surgeon will entrust the key elements of the project to his assistant. The continuity of the consultation is therefore taken care of by the surgeon’s assistant, who will be the patient’s dedicated contact, of course, the surgeon remains at the disposal of the patient.

Miami Rhinoplasty Speaks

Miami Rhinoplasty Speaks

Your nose; you know that you’ve been living with it all of your life. However, perhaps you have just now reached a point where what you really want more than anything is to change it. The nose is basically the focal point of everyone’s face. It’s responsible for creating symmetry and everybody wants a perfect one. Although many people are born with a perfectly symmetrical nose that suits their face to a “T”, many others are not. If you’re one of the latter, then Miami Rhinoplasty can help. For starters, here are a few facts, some little known and others fairly common, to help you decide if and how to move forward toward improving on your nose:

1. Rhinoplasty is actually #3 among the most desired cosmetic surgery procedures.
2. The only other procedures that outrank it in popularity are breast augmentation and liposuction.
3. Even a small change in the nose can have a tremendous effect on the face.
4. It’s basically a surgical art that involves just millimeters.
5. Getting a positive rather than a negative outcome hinges on experience.
6. A number of important steps come into play when considering rhinoplasty, including:
a.) Determining precisely what you wish to change,
b.) Educating yourself about the types of procedures that can be performed,
c.) Knowing what you should expect before, during, and after the procedure,
d.) Finding a board qualified plastic surgeon near you.

Determining What You Want
Obviously, if you’re reading up on Miami Rhinoplasty

, then you’re probably already thinking about undergoing the procedure. So, now would be an excellent time for grabbing your mirror, a pen and paper, and writing down what you would specifically like to change about your nose. Some examples of general ideas include:
~ Altering or reshaping the nasal bridge (removing the bump)
~ Reduction in the overall length or width
~ Correction of the overall shape (i.e. enlargement or reduction)
~ Reshaping of the tip of the nose
~ Reduction in nostril size
~ Correction of the angle between the upper lip and the nose

Hard to Put Into Words
You may find that it’s not all that easy to put into words exactly what you’re looking for in your new look. So, what you can do is check your favorite magazines or online pictures until you find exactly what you want. You’ll probably know it the minute you find it but take your time anyway to ensure that you find your ideal nose. This is a significant step in your journey because it will let your plastic surgeon know exactly what you want. So, just like you would take a pic of a hairdo you want to your hairdresser, take one of the new nose that you want to your plastic surgeon and take the guesswork out of your procedure.

Expert Consultation
This is your next step and an extremely important one. Not all rhinoplasty specialists are created equal and this is a crucial consideration when you’re choosing one. Narrowing down your search can start with only looking at plastic surgeons certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS). They’ve actually certified 9,077 plastic surgeons since 1937 and approximately 6,600 current practices. They’re always promoting efficacious, ethical, and most importantly, safe, plastic surgery for patients like yourself. They protect the public via their high standards for the certification, education, examination, and maintenance of plastic surgeons, as well as both specialists and subspecialists.

Educating Yourself
This is another very important step when you’re considering rhinoplasty. For such a major decision in your life, you need to do a little homework to help you to be in the know and to communicate properly with your
Miami Rhinoplasty

specialist. Going online for this can be good but it’s also essential that you take into consideration the nature of the web. It can be your friend or your enemy. It all depends on you. Sometimes the knowledge that it imparts can be overwhelming and counter-productive. So, make sure that you’re on official rhinoplasty sites and not just reading a lot of propaganda aimed at advertising and selling procedures to the unsuspecting public. When you’re undertaking such a critical decision, you must do your homework. But, you also must know when to seek that expert
Miami Rhinoplasty

consultation for making your final decision to move forward.

Closed vs. Open Rhinoplasty
The two most common nose job procedures are closed rhinoplasty and open rhinoplasty. What’s the difference?
Open Rhinoplasty
In an open rhinoplasty procedure, the surgeon makes a small incision right in the middle of your columella. The columella is the structure below the nose tip and it’s shaped like a tiny column for separating your nostrils. The open technique makes it possible for clear visualization of your internal nasal structure. Since it’s the open approach, your own grafts, tissue, and sutures can be used to correct the problem via expert placement. The resultant nose has a more natural look. A one-millimeter difference when performing this procedure could have a major impact on the outcome, so being able to view the entire nasal structure is crucial.

Closed Rhinoplasty
This method is also called “the blind approach”. It makes it more difficult for your specialist to get a clear view of your exact nasal problem. This means that, in some cases, more work goes toward camouflaging the issue than to actually correcting the problem. And, in the end, the blind approach can sometimes result in a higher revision rate. Still, however, there is an ongoing debate between some of the preeminent plastic surgeons worldwide regarding which procedure is better. The ultimate decision is yours with the help of your Miami Rhinoplasty specialist. Together, you have to decide which one offers you the opportunity for the most benefit and the most pleasing results.

Don’t Forget That Picture!
If you decide that rhinoplasty is for you, then get that all-important evaluation of your nose from your plastic surgeon. Discuss your desires and the technique that is best-suited to your facial features and your overall goals. And, don’t forget to take along that picture of your deal nose. Do you want Meryl Streep’s nose or Demi Lovato’s? Don’t be embarrassed. Just take along a picture of who you want to look like. You’ll find that it’s definitely not the first time that your plastic surgeon has seen this scenario. Show him or her exactly what you want, so that you can get the nose that makes you happy.…

Things You Must Know About Rhinoplasty

Things You Must Know About Rhinoplasty

We are living in a world where almost everything is under human control. The best of all is the ability to rebuild or reshape the body the way you want. We are not new to this concept, and we know them by different terms such as plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery and so on. So here we are going to talk about rhinoplasty which is one among these surgical procedures that reshape your nose. Rhinoplasty is believed to be the toughest among the other beauty surgeries and here are some of the things that you have to know about rhinoplasty.

It is never perfect:

You can never achieve the perfect shape when it comes to rhinoplasty. This is one thing that most patients must be aware of. Rhinoplasty helps you to change and repair a damaged or a deformed nose due to some accident or a birth defect. Most people believe that rhinoplasty can give them the ideal shape for their nose. But this need not have to be true. The best possible outcome is a nose close to perfection, but not perfect. So at some percentage, you are always disappointed with the nose.

Pick the right surgeon:

If a nose job goes wrong once, you will have to live with it for life. That is why we suggest that you pick the right surgeon for your job. It I not just about the art of rhinoplasty but also skills and creativity that will make a surgeon accomplish his task and for that matter, we already told you there is nothing called the perfect nose job. So to achieve the close to perfect nose job make sure you pick only the experts in the field.

Needs are unique, remember that:

Needs can be changing from one person to the other. It is important that you remember that a particular shape of the nose that looks good on one person may not fit you.  Most people look at sleek noses and wish they could have the same. However, there is one thing you have to note. Sometimes a sleek nose might not go well with your face, and a board nose fits you the best. If you still decide wrong, you shall always regret a deformed, ugly nose.

Your response to the treatment:

The outcome of the surgery largely depends on the way your skin and your body reacts to the surgery. This means you will have to keep in mind the fact that an expert or a skilled surgeon with good surgical skills are the not the only factors that determine the outcome. It depends on how well the tissue is and how your body responds to the surgery.

Your general health matters:

Above all, you must remember the fact that, your general health along with other vital conditions matter a lot to make this surgery a successful one.  The younger you are, the better it works and fits on your skin. Also, the tenderness and flexibility of your skin, skin tone, and complexion are also the other major factors that have an impact on the results of the nose job.…

5 Essentials That You Must Not Forget To Carry After Rhinoplasty

5 Essentials That You Must Not Forget To Carry After Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty has come as a saviour all the nose problems that we had been having. Most people are not happy with the nose that they are having. While some wish big ones, others want sleek ones. With the advent of rhinoplasty, all these worries came to an end. People began using this nose job option to get their noses to the ideal shape that they like. So if you are one of those people who has gone through a nose-shaping surgery, then it is important that you carry these essentials always with you.

Post-surgery Essentials:

The top 5 important things that you have to carry post this surgery are listed as below:

A lip balm or/and Vaseline:

So first we would like to start from the external issues that might be troubling you. Post-surgery it is quite common that you might face dry lips as a result of the surgery and the drug that you are consuming. So it is always good to carry lip balm and apply them generously to keep your lips hydrated. Also, the stitches that you have your nose can cause itching. Carry a Vaseline will be greatly useful to get it right.

A travel pillow:

The u-shaped travel pillow is a must after the surgery. So if you are going to travel long them, it is a must, and we will tell you why. You are always advised by your surgeon to sleep upright. Certain sleeping positions can have a negative impact on the surgery, and it can sometimes induce a lot of pain. That is the reason why we always ask you to carry this u-shaped pillow as it keeps your head in shape.

Take care of the diet:

What you choose to eat now really matters. You might have already received tons of instructions from your physician. So we aren’t going to say anything different. Just make sure that you carry foods that are easy to consume on the go. Also, carry a lot of water. Since you are going to consume a lot of liquid food these days, it is better that you carry straws always.

Air humidifier:

Post-surgery if there is one irritation that you have to bear for a couple of months, then it is a blocked nose. The problem is, you might not actually suffer a blocked nose. It is just the impact of the surgery. It will definitely take time for your face and respiratory system to get accustomed to the new shape. So carry an air humidifier, and this can save you from the block that you are suffering.


You cannot skip like the other medicines that you usually forget for other complaints. These medicines are not just pain-killers but also medicines that put your health and look back to shape. So it is important that you carry them with your until the end of the course. If possible set alarms so that you will never miss out on them.…